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To the guy who probably though I was a stalker - w4m

On Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) at about 2:30 am, I follow you down King Street starting at somewhere around George Street and until Broad Street. Judging by the number of times you turned around, you probably thought I was stalking you. I promise I'm not some creeper, but I will admit I was using you. I apologize and feel like I owe you an explanation. I periodically make the poor decision to walk home from the bars alone. However, I have have a two-part safety system that has thus far worked out quite well. You were unwittingly part one of my plan.

Part one: Quasi-group up with someone/some people. I prefer a group of at least one guy and at least one girl, but I settled for you last night. I keep the perfect distance from my quasi-group. Far enough back so that you can't easily get me, but close enough so that if shit goes down, you can hear me struggle or scream and (hopefully) come help.

Part two: the raptor claw. You played no role in this part of the strategy, but I thought I'd share so you can fully appreciate what you were unknowingly involved in last night. I make a fist and put my house key in between my fingers and backed up to my palm. Like a stealthy raptor, I plan to stab an attacker with my killer claw. Secretly, I always take a couple of practice raptor claw strikes and sometime roar in my head. You have no idea how entertaining this is when you're drunk.

I don't expect you to respond. I sure as hell wouldn't if some crazy girl talked about being a dinosaur. I just thought you deserved an explanation since you might have prevented an attack. A raptor attack. ROAR

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