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favorite this post STOP IT with the "college girl" posts!!! ETC ETC ETC - w4m hide this posting unhide

Is this the latest fad here guys? Or are all these stupid posts from one or two morons. I never used to see them before. I was a college girl when I was 34 and 35. But I DOUBT that is what you have in mind.
I seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY doubt, any real "college girls" are up nights scouring Craig's List for guys like you. They're 17-21 years old and they are out at parties and bars by their universities. With people their own age, and are very likely not in need of internet assistance.
So. If you're really just looking for young, dumb, and in need of cash, POST IT AS SUCH.
You guys are nauseating me. And also: STOP, PLEASE, with all those STUPID FUCKING "bored at work" postings. I have delightedly fucked a bunch of guys off CL/CE, and believe me, I do not EVER answer ads with the following:
"bored at work"
"wanna see me jack it?"
"lunchtime blowjob"
"I have 150 rea$on$ you should contact me"
any posting that is only a few lines long
any posting that demonstrates 4th grade spelling
any posting that uses the phrase "please be cute" or "please be" whatever (this is a tired, tired, cliche at this point guys-don't read other guys' ads for direction on how to post your own)
any posting that describes some BS excuse as to why he is cheating on wife
"model looks" (male models look like homosexuals to me)
"just got home from the bars and need some...." Just beat off, ok? This isn't an appealling posting
Any posting with pics of dicks. Although I must admit, pics of you doing something appealling to a woman has often intrigued me. This demonstrates your values.
Any ads with the word "massage" in it. WTF? GO buy a massage. Don't couch your real desires in some melange of BS about how you want a massage.
And STOP it with the "all I want is to pleasure you orally, NSA and no recirocation required". C'mon. I didn't fall off the last cloud. What is this exactly? Trying to be coy? NOT working.
STOP with the "does this really work??" crap. Makes you seem dumb. NEXT
"NSA" DUDE!!!!!!! This is Casual Encounters! "NSA" and "discreet" are a fucking GIVEN! Wake Up!
I never, never, never, answer postings that mention "must be today" or "today only" or "must be tonight". Blech. What the fuck is THAT? Too suspicious and desperate sounding for me. And no, I am not the type of girl who needs a date or a handhold before a fuck. Uh uh.
Clean? What girl is going to go, oh, wait, I'm not clean, guess I can't answer this post. Fuckers. Dipshits.
ALL posts that say something like "Monday afternoon fun" or "Sunday night fun". Dorky. Lame. Oh so NOT tittilating. PASS.....
Anyone using the word "kinky". That's a little too adolescent for me. Tell me, what's "kinky" to you? Anything that involves something other than laying there flat on my back while you bang your chin into my collarbone? Word to the wise: the work "kinky", used in your post, automatically makes me assume you're inexperienced, inhibited, and vaguely immature. Think about it. NEXT
To all you guys who write well, express yourself directly, confidently, you know who you are. I adore you all. I love the ones who are clever, sexy, and free. You make me feel alive. And I have responded to many of you, gratefully fucked a few of you, and I salute you.
Land of Real CL/CE women
(you know, the ones who actually show up and fuck you)

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