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This rant goes out to all of the guys here that can't keep a fucking secret!!!!


Two years ago this was a virtual sex den for guys to hookup with women, couples, gay bois, and trannies! Now, because some of you fucking assholes couldn't keep a good thing to yourselves, your big ass pie holes have turned CL into an adult movie arcade!!!! You know, the one where you pretend you're "browsing" for 3 hours when in fact you're waiting for that "hit or miss" cocksucker to show up! AND when one finally does, you jostle into line with a bunch of other "horny" guys with their wangs out!!!

1) The women on W4M are rare and the few that show up are bombarded with 100 creepy guys looking to get laid! Friday Flash is folklore because of the dumbass guys berating ladies showing their tits!

2) The fucking prices on Erotic Encounters have gotten out of control! Fatass skanks that had to give discounts to compete with top shelf girls like Sarah and Isabella are now charging double because hard up dickheads are willing to pay anything for some snatch! NOT TO MENTION THE STING OPERATIONS!!!!

3) In the M4M section a "Top" was a rare commodity and a "Married" guy would have offers of cocksuckers willing to pay for the opportunity to suck cock! Now the tables have turned and now you must be these cumsluts type!!!! "Emails without a face and cock pic will get deleted" was never uttered from cocksuckers!!!!

4) Couples in MW4M were abundant. Meet at a bar, pork the wife and blow your load on the hubby, bada bing..bada boom! Now, couples are holding fucking interviews and looking over your tax returns!!!!

5) The T4M section was exotic, mysterious, and filled with hot and sexy gurls like Amaya begging for cocks and some booze. Now, guys fight over the chance to rump wrangle grandpa wearing a wig!

6) Finally Rants & Raves!!!! It's called "RANTS & RAVES"!!!! You RAVE about something or RANT about something!!! Now, it's a bunch of trolls!!!! Chicago R&R used to be good for a "best of" consistenly!!! Now, there's nothing but flamers, flaggers, and porn junkies!!!!

So, for all of you fucking loose-lipped guys who told all of your buddies about Craigslist because you talk more than a bunch of women having afternoon tea......NICE GOING ASSHOLES!!!!!

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