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favorite this post A special invitation to Angie Jolie (Chicago)


Welcome to Chicago! I've been following you and your family via the Sun-Times. You went to the Field Museum - I bet your kids and Brad loved it!

Hope you're enjoying our city. We love having you and your family here.

But, I have to confess: Like 99% of bi and gay girls, I have a bit of a crush on you. Ever since Gia (which was just great, btw). I mean, not in a stalker-ish "Constant Craving" type of way - but just a crush.

So, if you find that you have some time available and would like to give the kids to dreamy Bradly for a few hours, I would be glad to come by your hotel suite and do whatever it is that you want - and trust me, whatever you want would be great with me!

No pressure. I also read where you're off of girls at this point in your life to concentrate on family - That's great! Really, really great.

But, if you think back - nothing feels like a girl, right? So, if you want to "fall off wagon" here in town, I just want to let you know I would be willing to be that girl. Really. Truly. Honestly.

You wouldn't even have to pay my cab fare - it's on me. E-me. *kiss kiss*

(P.S. I have some friends I could bring with if you want - no pressure. And if I do come by, could I have just one pic of you and me together? You're the best.)

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