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favorite this post Please, Craig, For the Love of God!! (craigslist)


Your R&R used to be the best. I could take a quick break from work, hear some silly stories of shit that happened to some silly people, maybe catch a few hot descriptions of people's love lives, find out what eateries/shows/bands/celebrities really sucked or were great, and maybe catch a few snarky and humorous photoshop jobs. Also, people anonymously bitching about their bosses/coworkers/wives/husbands/kids/parents etc. and occasionally getting some sound and/or stupid advice from other random, anonymous folks.

Now it's all just assholes!! What GETS me, Craig, is all the bickering back and forth. It's not rants or raves, or anything like it. Especially the political stuff. Thinking you're gonna convince anyone to change their mind about politics on an anonymous board is about as stupid as thinking some girl will date you because you send her a picture of your cock.

Example of a valid rant: Rant: George Bush signed new legislation today that does x, y, and z. It is brutal, and here's why. Or, Rave: George Bush signed new legislation today that does a, b, and c. It's awesome, and here's why.

Example of something that RUINS R&R: FUCK you, you stupid (neocon/liberal/wingnut/loonylib) ASSHOLE. You are fucking retarded!! HAHAHAHA / WAWAWAWAWA / here is a picture of you, dork! No, here is a picture of you, dork! Please suck my cock! No, please suck your own cock! You are ruining our country! Well, you are supporting the terrorists! You are an idiot! No, you are an idiot! No, you are an idiot! Well, you are a moron! You are a crybaby! You are an asshole! I am right! No, I am right! No, I am right! No, I am right!

Here is my plan, Craig. PLEASE put some kind of functionality under the "miscategorized" flag button, with a drop-down or something, so that I can say "miscategorized - political" and then, if enough people do the same, it will not get deleted, just moved into the POLITICS section where it BELONGS!!!


All this idiotic bickering is ruining something that used to be great.

Thanks, your pal, Me.

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