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Originally Posted: 2006-09-14 11:19

Are you an actuary?

I’ve given a bit of thought to what kind of man I want to date, and I’ve determined that an actuary would be a good match for me.

(Yes, I’m serious.)

So, why an actuary?

Let’s not beat around the bush: I love nerds. Actuaries know math in and out. They take half-days on Friday to study for their CAS/SOA tests. Their analytical skills are top-notch. Now add to it that they need decent social skills to meet the job’s communications requirements. In sum, actuaries are well-rounded business people who know how to write formulas.

Math + Business = HOT

And why would an actuary be interested in me?

  • I’m fiercely independent. When you’re busy studying, I’m not going to distract you by calling every 15 minutes to see if you’re done yet. I have a great group of friends I see regularly, read a few books per week, run marathons, sing in a chorus, and volunteer in my spare time. I’m always on the go, and I’d love someone with similar time commitments who will appreciate that I’m not in your business all the time.

  • I’m stable. Career, home owner, good friends, well-read, healthy lifestyle, educated, debt-free, hobbies and outside interests, church membership, no criminal record or mental health issues, etc., etc., etc.

  • I’m posting an ad in a public forum saying that being an actuary is a turn-on. How often does that happen?

The small print:

Actuaries only. Have similar qualities to those I have listed in the I’m stable section. Being able to fix either car, computer, or house stuff is appreciated. Must kill scary bugs. Couch potatoes will be denied. Pic for a pic. No jokes about figuring the probability that we’ll actually end up together. That’s a little too nerdy.

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