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Originally Posted: 2003-06-02 08:20

satan-fighting cisco switch for sale!

So there I was, in the network closet, when i get this whiff of brimstone. Suddenly, WHOOSH! A cloud of smoke, and there's satan, holding a 3 foot long slim jim snack treet, and beating me about the head, neck, and shoulders! In the middle of this satanic-snackfood onslaught, i desperatley reached around for any kind of weapon to smite down the evil one, when my hands grabbed this:

i parried satan's meatstick, and whacked him upside the head. down went the lord of darkness, cursing me as he returned to the fiery nether regions.

alas, i am no longer in a situation where i have the opportunity to bitchslap beelzebub, so i'm selling this one of a kind switch. i mean, if it can smackdown satan, i'm sure it can deal with packets that have the evil bit set. this most holy relic comes as you see here, sans documentation, but does include rack-mounting brackets (in case, you know, you want to bolt it to your church organ or holy sceptre) and power cord. spiffy senor salsa toilet seat not included.

make me an offer, and i'm sure we can make a deal. local chicago buyers only, please, as i won't ship the item sight unseen. i wouldn't want this holy relic to fall into the hands of the enemy, mind you.

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