Originally Posted: 2005-12-14 8:06pm

favorite this post Your ass crack put me over the edge today - w4m

This isn't really a "missed" connection because my eyes definitely connected with your butt crack this evening. I just wish I would have told you to cover it up. You were in the front of the bus talking on your cell phone. I didn't notice you until you stood up and exposed a good 5 inches of your butt to the whole back of the bus. Now I'm not opposed to men's butt's or even public nudity for that matter, but I had a bad day today and something about your ass tonight just set me off. Maybe it was the fact that your pants weren't just sagging, they were just TOO SMALL (So they either never made it high enough to cover your butt, or were never low enough to get past your lower calves) Or maybe it was the fact that you kept standing up and sitting down, so we (the rest of the bus and I) would all see your crack, then feel relieved because you sat down, only to feel shocked all over again when you stood up 15 seconds later. Or, maybe it was the fact that the lighting and shadows on the bus were such that your crack looked really, really deep. Gross.

Now, I think people who normally post this type of thing don't give much identifying information. But you know what? You need to fix this problem so I'm going to tell you enough for you to know it was YOU. Dark brown hair. Late 20's. Jeans (again, too small). Holding a dry-cleaning bag. Blue, brown and green scarf. You got on the stop before Dearborn and got off at Milwaukee.

Please, please pay attention to your butt crack. Keep it covered. Keep it warm. You'll be doing us all a favor. Thanks.

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