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favorite this post RAVE: I give head like a pornstar

Everyone I've ever given head to says its the best they've ever had. Well ladies this is why so try and make your man happy.

1.I LOVE to do it. It absolutely turns me on more than recieving it. I will even feel myselt start to drip.

2.I look up at him while I'm doing it so he knows I'm loving it. You give him the eyes or that "i fucking love this" face. Literally devour him. Act like you can't get enough of his cock.

3.I spend a lot of time licking and sucking his balls while using my hands on him and looking him in the eye... Also--yes I'll perform a "hummer" if you will

4.Of course I SWALLOW.. but I also allow him to pull back, jerk into my open waiting mouth and onto my tits.

5.I always give while on my knees.. He's either standing up over me holding my hair or he might be sitting on the couch. Either way at some point I will take my breasts and wrap them around his shaft and fuck it while I suck his head. This way he also gets to watch your ass wiggling.

6.Yes, I have let him give me a pearl necklace. In that case I lick the cum off of my tits and I have him feed it to me off of his fingers.

7.I'll talk dirty to him a little bit. Tell him I don't want him to cum yet because I'm not ready, or that I love the way his hard cock feels in my mouth.. I take my time--he better be prepared to sit there for at least a half hour probably more.

8.I love to lick and tickle under his balls. THe "taint" if you will. Or I'll use my thumb to apply light pressure in circular motions or going up and down. I'll go lower and lower down to the ass if he lets me. If he's enjoying it, yes I will rim, and yes I have fingered his ass.

9.When I'm getting really turned on, I'll reach between my legs and play with myself in front of him. Then I'll take my soaking wet fingers rub my juice on his head and then suck it off. I'll also suck my fingers clean for him. If its someone I am dating or something then I've even gone so far as to climb onto him.. lower myself.. sit there for about 10 seconds then get back down on my knees and continue sucking.

10.I deep throat. There have been instances where I dont even realize he came because it's so far down my throat. If he gags me I keep going.

11.And its just general technique. I have a very busy tongue and I get him into a great rhythm building him up and slowing down to help prolong and intensify his orgasm. I love to flick my tongue back and forth around his sensitive ridge and all underneath it.

12.I also SUCK his cock head firmly letting it pass in and out of my mouth, so my lips run over him while he fucks my wet mouth.

13.I'll get him nice and wet and use my hand to stroke him in a counter-clockwise motion and then I suck on him going clockwise. The other hand goes to his nipples, balls etc.. but the combined sensations get him so hard.

14.When he's ready to cum thats when speed and intensity HAVE TO INCREASE. I bob up and down on him faster and faster and I let him thrust his hips too so I take him even deeper.

15.After he cums I'll continue to suck him slowing down intensity and speed, bringing him down from his orgasm until he stops me becuase he's so sensitive.

And that is why I give head like a pornstar. No, I am not a slut and I do not have STD's. I'm just a woman who likes to suck cock. Men--there are other women out there like me so don't give up hope if you have never had great head.

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