Originally Posted: 2005-09-29 17:04 (no longer live)

computers or robot for sale, which do you see?

hey there retro computing fans! have i got a treat for you today! the boss says this stuff has got to move and i will not argue! we have a huge lot of mac computers from the late 80's through the mid 90's to sell. look through the pictures decide what you want and what you want to pay for it and make me an offer, no reasonable one refused! i mean it, there are a few powermacs 7300 i think, maybe a 7600, a beige g3. some laserwriter printers, a huge printer (i mean really huge!) some keyboards, some cute little mac monitors, see the pictures! this lot of computers would look great in your retro house. retro-tastic is what some people are saying about these awesome machines. used by a design firm for years, these babies now have to go. the reason? we got some new ones! faster machines for faster computing. our design is running full speed ahead and these guys are just slowing us down. dead weight is what the old timers used to say. but hey if you have a desire to own the coolest retro machines in town, this lot is for you! you could set up a kickass diorama of an early 90's design firm in your museum. posterity, postuse, postmodern as heck!
also my friend mark wanted me to show you what they could look like if you built a robot out of them. that is shown in the yellow background picture.and then he piled them up to show you and that is what you see in the bottom two pictures. ummm and the eyes are not real, he just drew those on, but he says that he will throw in that piece of paper too if you act now. and yes ok mark i will tell them, he says to look at the awesome visor on its head. thats not really a piece of retro computing, just some plastic. i mean retro plastic! dont be scared, he isnt real.....yet. but as mark says, this pile of computers would make a sweet sweet robot. if you do however decide to form a robot out of this equipment, please do not use it for evil. because our name is all over this stuff and i wouldnt want to have to explain that to the boss.
come and get it. make offers now. please.

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