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Originally Posted: 2007-06-29 07:09

A Cake Decorators Rant

A few weeks ago I had a closing shift at Hannafords on Shelburn rd. And because they are during a remodel right now the only real job concerning cakes that i have to worry about at night is taking special orders and writing on cakes for customers...

It was around 7:30 and this guy comes up and starts looking at some of the cakes i had decorated earlier in the day. Then he starts looking through the book of decopac designs... So i ask him if there's anything i can help with.

He enthusiastically says "yes" and comes over to the opening of the cake case and the sales floor. I ask if he wants to make a special order... he says "oh yes." So i get a special order form and bring it over.

I ask all of the draining questions like what kind of frosting.. what size.. what flavor cake... blah blah blah.. and thats cool he isn't annoying me yet... Then i ask if there are any special colors, or decorations that he wants me to put on the cake.... thats when i realize he's a complete nut case.

"Actually," he says, What i really want is for you to make a cake shaped like my penis.

Yes, he said penis.

Now I'm freaked out... I explain to him that i can't do that. . . but he didn't understand.. he thought that i meant i couldn't physically do it.. like it was too hard for me..

so he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a picture and says: "It's really not that hard, here, look!, here's a picture for you to go by"... OH MY GOD!!!!! what is wrong with this guy??? I'm super freaked out now, and try to explain to him that i cannot fufill his request... and now he gets pissed off... saying that my customer service really blows (no pun intended) and I tell him he is more than welcome to go speak to the overnight operations manager who can explain to him in more detail as to why I cannot make a cake shaped like his dick....

So please people... I am more than willing to make you a cake! I love doing it!!! But please !!!! don't come in and ask me to make a cake shaped like your dick... thats just wrong!!

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