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Diary of a UVM Student Protester

8:25 - Wake up after late night discussing the plight of the working class and how the University Administration is so bloated and overpaid. Text Dad on IPhone to ask when I can expect my monthly allowance. Dress in new jeans and cool gas station attendant shirt with "Hal" name patch on it.

9:40 - Go to breakfast and, in a sign of solidarity with those UVM employees being fired, only have two bowls of cereal so that I might feel the pain of starvation that those less fortunate feel. Fill backpack with fruit and check voicemail. No message from Dad.

10:05 - Call Housing Services and demand explanation about why dorms now only have basic cable. Surf web for Che Guevara poster for dorm room. Call Mom about allowance, no answer.

11:15 - Head downtown to kill some time before protest - classes are so bourgeois and a total waste of time. Text friends to plan next trip to Montreal. Call Mom again, but Dave, her new husband, answers. Ask about allowance, Dave says he'll call after he goes to gym. Find cool flip flops at Urban Outfitters. Check out Battery Street Jeans for something that says "I know the toil of manual labor and I feel your pain."

1:30 - Head back to Living and Learning to meet up with protest leaders. Talk about about what to do if "the Pigs" show up. Stop in bathroom to make sure I will look defiant and wise for cameras. Still no message from either Mom, Dad, or Dave.

3:00 - Go to President Vogel's Office for sit in. Disappointed I did not get to yell banalities into bullhorn, but did get choice spot near front entrance, sure to be on camera. Text friends to tell them to watch news for me. Start chants - found it hard to text and chant at same time. Swap dreadlocking tips with guy sitting next to me, as well as best place to get pedicure.

5:10 - Getting bored - no tear gas, no fiery speeches, nothing cool to tell friends about. Check voicemail and texts again - nothing from Dad, Mom, or Dave.

6:18 - Still bored - some members of the Administration asked me to move so they could get out of the office. They were not intimidated by wrathful glare. Need to use bathroom.

8:37 - Still bored. Ate some Leonardo' sWhite Pie with Whole Wheat Crust. Still no message from Mom, Dad, or Dave.

9:50 - Cops show up, order us to disperse. We yell, chant, and show our strength and commitment to the struggle. Wonder if there is still time to hit Smuggs for some late season skiiing. Cops shrug and place us under arrest.

10:14 - Being led out to van by cop. Hands me a citation to appear for trespass. Wonder if I can use my Amex to pay fine.

10:35 - Head out with friends to the Three Needs and talk about how alternative and rebellious we are, and how far we have come from Teaneck, Bernardsville, Bala Cynwyd, and Long Island. Plan protest for next day to call for lower tuition and divestment from companies we don't like.

12:45 - Stumble back to dorm, confident that my efforts today mae a huge difference in the world. Wonder if next seven years of college will all be as inspiring as this.

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