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beer box on head - m4w

you were at that "retarded vegetables" themed party
your costume was centaur/bell pepper (red)
unibrow, several hairy moles on exposed body parts
obvious Napoleon complex (turn on)

my costume was rotten pumpkins/seared grouper
(i know that grouper isn't technically a vegetable, but have you ever met one?)
i had created the scent to match with my costume, remember?
and you were impressed because this, scent, is an element of costumery that is often overlooked

i am muscular, 5' 1" tall, 4' wide, sexy 8-pack abdominal muscles
very submissive in the bedroom, i like to go limp
financially independent (successful writer of advice for those who love a beast)
cleft chin
colorful polka-dots tattooed from the torso downwards (festive)
intense & painful aversion to hygiene, particularly of areas behind elbows/knees
people say that, when lost in reverie, i tend to open my lips very wide around tightly clenched teeth and that my eyes become large, with an intensity that some (often strangers) have described as "maniacal".
i hunger

my hobby is I sit in a darkened room for many hours and study the television static for hidden messages/signals
you will be my stenographer as i lovingly dictate my findings (from the static) and you jot them down
and you will commend me for the brilliance of my findings
this will be our way of romance

please respond soon as i have not left the house or opened the curtains since we first met that fateful evening, and i am suffering from amnesia/many "bleeds" as a result of my Condition (a vast and reverberating Amorousness)
time is running out for the both of us

love & light,
S. Mitchell

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