Originally Posted: 2005-09-20 5:22pm
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Dear guy wearing only a bedsheet and a green knit cap,
While I expect that you're having an interesting time, please mumble to yourself more distinctly so I can understand your problems with the "fucking doctors". It amuses me in the morning.
Love, me

Dear snotty looking woman,
I'm allowed to bring my bike on the trains at specified times of day. I play nicely and keep my bike away from you. Stop asking me if I'm sure I can have it. Be glad I'm not bringing livestock on the damn subway.
No love, me

Dear man with actual Vietnamese pot belly pig on train,
You may want to put a leash on that.
Love, me

Dear self-conscious hipster girl,
You can stop looking around to see if everyone notices your outfit and iPod nano. The only way that you will ever be reassured that your iPod nano has been noticed is when someone jacks it.
Love, me

Dear Mormons,
Who do you think you'll manage to convert in the People's Republic of Cambridge? Oh, and do you still allow polygamy?
No love, me

Dear 80 year old man with mohawk,
You rule. That is all.
Love, me

Dear older black dude,
Please to explain the sleeveless leather vest, Verizon worker badge, black sneakers, and black police style cap. Are you in some sort of Village People cover band? Where do you play?
Love, me

Dear MIT kids,
Please stop explaining to me what that shuddering noise is and exactly how much weight the bridge at Charles/MGH can take. I know the T's not safe. You don't need to reinforce this.
No love, me

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