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If you are the inventor of the crank flash light then the following invitation is for you:

Dear Sir or Madam,

You are cordially, no affectionately invited to join me in my recently relit humble abode for a night of pleasure and thanks for your lovely invention.

You see, I'm just now able to post my thanks for your wonderous device because I've been in total darkness for a week. Yes, that also means, no heat, no water (I have a well) and no light.

Your ingenious devise allowed me to continue reading past 4:30 in the afternoon. I found that with 20 cranks, I was able to read 10 pages. That works out to 2 cranks per page. My right bicep also thanks you for keeping it from atrophy with all the cranking.

My batteries gave out on day two, but you --- YOU MR/MS MASTER INVENTOR, were the reason I didn't kill anyone from the power dept. I was able to read "The Dance of Anger" and calm myself down.

I'd switch things up, and turn to reading "The Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love" which kept my spirits high waiting out the reemergence of light here in the house.

So, name your pleasure, I'll surely grant what ever you desire. What ever your fetish, your kink, well it is mine tonight too. I'm in. My right hand is probably in the best stroking shape its ever been from 7 nights of cranking that little light generator -- see, another way to market your contraption.

I'll be home all evening purging my fridge.

I've already taken an hour long shower, so I smell good again.

and oh, hey, one other thing you might want to invent. . . the wind up vibrator. . . I was kinda lost when the batteries died there too!


Single, smelling good, and loving the light again!

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