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For sale are several pieces of "found art", discovered on Boston city streets during this past week. Since all of these works needs to be appreciated in the environment in which they were originally found, polaroids of the artwork will be included with the sculptures. All of these pieces were found occupying parking spaces in residential areas, as if the artist(s) intended to make a statement about our society's obsession with cars, and our city's obsession with parking spaces. These pieces were all rescued from city garbage trucks, whose workers apparently do not share an artistic eye - they were tossing the artwork into a garbage truck.

A brief description of the pieces:
-Two 1970's-era metal-framed lawn chairs, found in a South Boston parking space facing each other. $150

-An upside down classic styled metal garbage can, with a big "91" spray painted on the side of the can. When the can is placed right-side up, the number becomes "16". One can only assume that this barrel is part of a sequence, possibly used in a larger abstract art piece. Cans #1-15 (or 1-90) of this sequence were nowhere to be found. $80

-A bald, rimless Uniroyal tire found lying in the center of a Lower Allston parking space. Whether this piece had an accompanying rim, set of 3 more tires, or a complete car is unknown. $65

-More than a dozen orange road cones, usually found separately, though some were paired together in varying formations. One cone, found in Jamaica Plain, is the work of a mid-40s white male unidentified artist whose piece is titled "Cocksucker" - which is what the artist shouted at me as I collected and logged his work. $40 and up for singles, $80 and up for pairs

-The focus piece of this collection is an entire car that rests in a South Boston parking space. The silver VW Golf is adorned with four flat tires, a broken headlight, and a small pile of unidentified feces on the hood. Since bringing this piece of artwork back to the gallery would require a tow truck and could possibly lead to grand theft charges, only a collection of photographs of this piece are available. $100

this is in or around Boston

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