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favorite this post HELP!!! LOBSTERS ARE SCARING US!!!!

( My original ad is below my EDIT
Hi everyone, I was informed that my ad has gone viral. That's ok. I've also heard that we're "Craiglist Killers" Well I guess you can say that since we placed LIVE lobsters in boiling hot water, YUCK.

I've also seen people saying we were covertly looking for a threesome. A threesome with lobsters? That'd be more like a horror movie, lol.

I made some videos while we were making them. We were both extremely scared but we did it after hours of fighting the "bag". I decided to provide links to prove we held our ground against them. We refused to be defeated.

Btw, who in the world would want a threesome with just anyone, AND with lobsters? Wouldn't you need some specifics? Certain standards? Jeez, maybe I'm just crazy. Lol

Anyway, I decided to leave my ad up so you guys can continue to have fun. The world needs more laugher and fun fun fun :) :) :) :) )
Hope you get a chance to laugh as much as I did. Lol




Hi everyone,
Please do not flag as this is NOT a joke. We really need the help.

My husband and I have a few lobsters but we're both VERY scared of them. They're ugly and scary looking. They're in that bag, I tried to see if they'd fit in the pot😔 and was using a stick 😖. I wish we could get a pic picture for you but they are alive moving and we're scared to open the bag. 😖

We don't care if you're a man or woman, older or younger. We just want to be able to eat them.

We're looking for someone who can come over, and prepare them for us. In return, we hope you'll stay and have dinner or lunch with us and make new friends. We're sane, just scardy cats. We live in the Allston village area.

We'll provide anything needed. You just tell us what since we've never made lobsters before.

We're both in our early 30's, we're a mixed couple, black and white. We're not fussy so we'd like someone who's not fussy or stuck up either.

Ideally, you'd come over, set up and prepare the lobsters, get the tail off for us. Once done, we'd just sit in the living room and have dinner or lunch, no fancy setting etc. If you'd prefer to just take yours to go, that's fine also.

Please be a clean person, not neat freak, 'just clean as in washing your hands before touching food or not tasting the food with a spoon and then dipping the same spoon back into it all' kind of clean.

Hoping to get them cooked today Sat 22nd 2014. For dinner or lunch.

Thanks for looking.
  • Location: Allston
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  • Compensation: You'll receive free lobster lunch or dinner and meet new friends :)
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