Originally Posted: 2004-05-02 11:42pm
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I will trade all my stuff for all your stuff. I'm guessing I have about $10000 worth of stuff. I will consider any equally valued bunch of stuff. If you want, you can also take over the lease on my apartment. 750 a month, studio. I have:

this computer (2.4ghz pentium processor, 512mb ram, 15" monitor)
19" tv
computer desk
3 small tables
kitchen table (nice table)
2 kitchen chairs
a computer chair
about 30 cd's, about half jazz, half other stuff
575w sony surround sound system
a toaster oven
kitchen stuff (a few dishes, a bunch of pots/pans, some silverware, etc)
a 3 foot tall ceramic cat
a large bureau, filled with t shirts, boxers, socks and pants (32-32)
2 smaller bureaus, filled with random stuff
a vaccuum
a mop and a bucket
a diamond/sapphire engagement ring, used for about a year
2 pairs of boots
1 pair of velcro shoes
1 pair of sandles
2 pairs of shoes
about 5 or 6 sweaters
about 5 or 6 button up shirts
a few jackets
a box full of wires (box is approx 1 cubic foot, filled with misc. wires)
a rug
another rug
an electric shaver
a toolbox with about 75lbs of tools in it
3 rolls of toilet paper
a toothbrush
a file cabinet full of random papers i should have thrown out years ago
a pool cue
a shitty alarm clock
a 2003 toyota tacoma
$11,000 in debt (truck loan)
about 8 pint glasses
a glass head
2 sets of sheets for the bed
a bunch of half used condiments in the refrigerator (fridge not included- not mine)
a frozen chicken breast
some frozen vegetables
a statistics book
a bank account with about $1000 in it
an ashtray i made in pottery class in high school
a tent
a sleeping bag
a camping stove
a fan
a 1992 escher calender

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