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Originally Posted: 2003-10-28 18:04

MC w/ Guy Who Pretended He Was Retarded

To the guy who pretended he was retarded when confronted with stealing from Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square today- You're an awful human being. I know for certain that you are not retarded because you asked me out on a date once! (Remember? River Gods? Last Spring?) You tried to walk out with a salad and the lady behind the counter said, "Sir! You have to pay for that." You contorted your face, slurred your speech, and said, "I thought we pay outside. I pay outside" while dropping a handful of change on the floor, to create a distraction, before making your getaway. How slimy can you get? If I knew your full name I'd post it on this board so everyone knows you're from the bottom of the barell of humanity. I hope that was the best Caeser Salad you ever consumed because you certainly were willing to do ANYTHING to get it for free.

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