Originally Posted: 2006-07-13 1:17pm
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So an interesting thing happened to me today when I tried to take $20 out of an ATM machine at lunch time. A glaring rejection marked "Insufficient Funds." Now, I know that I am not the most careful person when it comes to managing my cash. I'm probably even "bad" at it, but I could have sworn that I hadn't spent that much this weekend. A quick trip to my bank's website confirmed the truth... I was overdrawn by almost $90. "Wow," I though, "I really need to pay more attention to where my money is going. I mean, I don't even remember spending this $165 on priceline.com, or this $34.95 on regsoft.com, or this $65.99 on regsoft.com, or this $35.00 on intellius.com... wait a minute! WTF! I haven't made any of these purchases!" Yup, all told almost $300 of my money was gone. Random stranger on the internet seems to have stolen my CC information. Annoying, but like all CC's, mine is insured against identity theft. Oh well, right? C'est la vie... only, not quite. I have always hated bullies. I hate people that are rude in their cars because of the relative anonymity that they enjoy. I hate people that prey on others, and I hate being taken advantage of. As I sat there, staring at my virtual bank statement and chuckling on the phone with some girl in customer service who couldn't apologize enough for my inconvenience, a mantra began swelling up within my soul. "Do not go gentle into that goodnight..." With it, an idea began to form... what were those charges again? Regsoft, regsoft, intellius... priceline? Hmm... priceline. I do wonder what my friend the anonymous cyber thief was buying himself. After spending a half-hour trying to get a human on the phone from priceline, and after going through two humans that refused to assist me because of company policy, I struck gold. A kind soul in this anonymous cyber world who seemed to share my disdain. Suddenly I had some information. I had the name of a hotel in Indianapolis, ID who was expecting my stranger to check in this very evening, and to stay through thursday. So anonymous stranger, you may have a hot ex that you are stalking with intellius online. You may have Payroll 2006 and Password Reminder software on my dime. You might even have a couple of night's stay at a decent hotel lined up... but I have something too. Oh yes. :-) I have your name. I have your email address. I have a very agreeable hotel manager who is just waiting for you to check in. I have the Indianapolis PD, waiting on my return call. Yes, it has occurred to me that you may have used a fake name, address, etc. to book your hotel, but I'll take that chance. You're playing a foolish game, and I would very much like to play it with you. So please anonymous stranger, check in to that hotel...

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