Originally Posted: 2006-06-08 3:43pm
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You girls that are considering bleaching your asses, twats, and nipples are just crazy. It's unsafe, unhealthy, dangerous, and a waste of time and money. Think about it. How long do your whites stay white after you bleach them? Body bleaching is the same and costs a ton more. My suggestion is to save some serious scratch and do what I do - use Wite-Out®. I'm a guy but the effect is the same and I've saved thousands of dollars and I look great when I pose my nether region on my webcam.

Some say I've gotten a little carried away, but to date, with great success I've Wite-Out®ted my balloon knot, my raisin bag, my taint, my soldier's helmet (it looks like a little KKK member now - soooo freakin' cute), both my nipples, a few areas below my eyes, a bunch of moles on my back, my teeth, the veins on my eyes, the inside of my poop arena (aka my colon), my uvula, and most recently, I've been experimenting with Wite-Out® using a Bob Ross Signature fan brush around the skin on my happy little knee caps - that area has gotten a bit dark over the years of me trying to work my way to the top at work.

Say no to bleaching and yes to Wite-Out® um... Wite-Out®ing™.

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