Originally Posted: 2006-06-05 4:04pm
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Whoa! Just hold on a minute, there. I think you all have the wrong guy. I've been reading through these, and there are some doubts that I have. For starters, the descriptions of me are WAY off. I don't wear torn jeans, or have long hair. Also, how can you claim to have seen me on the Red Line today reading the paper? I take the GREEN LINE to work, and I wasn't even reading a paper today. Also, you said that I was listening to an iPod. How can this be true, if I don't even own one? The other day, a posting claimed to have seen me "riding a bike on Newbury St.". While this is possible, I have not actually ridden my bike there since early in the summer of 2005. Further, the age that you assume me to be is also usually way off. I'm 34, not 40ish, and certainly not 25. Also, I'm not a woman, yet some people are so careless in their descriptions, they totally miss the mark. For example, some time last week, somebody posted a Missed Connection that said "you were the cute girl at [the pub], petite, with blonde hair". You couldn't have been more wrong... okay, my hair is BROWN, and I've never even been to that pub! Further, I'm not petite, blonde, or even a female. It makes me wonder just how all of these people get wrong even the most basic facts about me... I mean, this is crazy.

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