Originally Posted: 2003-08-14 23:12

Surprise Divorce, So I'm Selling His Stuff

He took the bank account, you can buy his office:

+Brand new* BOSE CD/Radio with remote; stand just delivered and still in box (blackish grey)
+Brand new* BOSE Acoustic Wave Music system with remote (beige)
+Oak roll top desk and matching chair with leather seating pad great condition
+Complimenting antique oak side storage cabinets (White Clad brand)
+HP Officejet d135 combination color printer/fax/photocopier with oak stand
(Sorry, he took his laptop when he snuck out)
*He's been gone three weeks, ordered the Bose stuff mid-July.

His hobby:
+Touring bicycle, older model but runs great

His clothes:
+Suits size 42 long, shirts 16 33/34, cashmere sweaters, cashmere overcoat, tuxedo

+Frames on any wedding photo that contains his picture

+Ugly-ass collection of brass monkeys

I'm a hurting puppy, so serious inquiries only please.

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