Originally Posted: 2003-08-14 2:02pm
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favorite this post The Beast. Old Vic needs a home. No sissies please. hide this posting unhide

Take Vic home. Please.

Big, off-white (way off) Crown Vic with blue velour innards needs good home. Sick of my driveway and collecting tree sap.

(This is the Police pkg. for those in the know 5.8L, dual exhaust and it sucks on gas mileage)

I bought Vic to get through Winter (which we did) and now I want her gone. Love 'em and leave 'em I say.

Vic needs ("uh, oh, here it comes...") front brakes, tune up, decent paint, and someone to trace a small elect. short which kills the battery every night. I've installed a quick-release battery terminal, so you can get by if you disconnect at the end of the day.) A/C blows but not cold - may just be recharge, not sure. Hey, VW's blow too and a recharge won't fix 'em.) Assorted busted bits but at the end of the day it goes forward, makes turns, drives really fast, the doors all work and it's under $400 bucks, so just shut up and drive.
[this also means I am not playing price games. If you're in a haggling frame of mind, it's $550. This is not a car for whiners, girlies or anyone from Newton. If you've ever owned a Volvo, it's not for you. If you wear a helmet when you ride your bicycle, it's not for you. if you obey all the traffic laws, it's not for you (speeding IS fun.) if you alphabetize your spice rack; wear penny loafers and chinos, put anything in your hair, or consistently vote Democrat/Green/Socialist/Independent...it's not for you. This is a working-man, Ameri-can, Repibli-can, booze runnin', deer-huntin', NRA stickerin' kinda car. It oughta have a gun rack. C'mon Bubba, make me proud, stick some antlers on this thing an GOOOooooooooo!]
{rant off}

It's driveable to wherever (be reasonable) even with the dead brakes so no towing needed! Bring a battery though cause I'm keeping the Delco monster I just bought.

On the bright side...it's fast, inexpensive and it'll destroy everything you hit.

If you can work on cars, this is a bargain plus.

To buy this car call David : 617-308-7396.

(Oh, yeah, I also rent apts...)
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I could care less if you to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests this is in or around Somerville. Just keep in mind I'm broke.