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I want to give you $5000. All I want in return is your car. Not just any car though, it has to be one of these cars. If the car is really nice, or you are really nice, or I'm feeling really nice, I might be able to do a little more than $5000. But not much more. Well maybe like a few hundred more, or in very rare circumstances $1000 more. But definitely not $10,000 more or a million more because that would just be silly. Unless it's a rocket ship. But if I wanted a rocket ship I'd have to post in the rocket ship catagory, or I guess the general for sale catagory since as of yet there is no rocket ship catagory. I'm not sure if that's good or bad but it's definitely something. Oh yeah, my car. Well, your car now but hopefully my car later. Here what I want:

1. 1996-1998 Chevy Blazer TWO DOOR (ONLY 2 door)
2. 1996-1998 GMC Jimmy TWO DOOR (Ditto)
3. 1996-1997 Honda Accord COUPE (See a pattern forming?)
4. 1984 Ford Escort with at least 200,000 miles. Just kidding.

I ONLY want these cars. The ONLY way I would take anything else is if it was really cool. And everybody knows what really cool is so don't try to tell me your Ford Astro station wagon van thing or your '87 mazda 323 is cool when we both know it's not. And I don't believe in any difference between highway miles and regular miles so don't give me that bull about how you have 287,000 HIGHWAY miles. And what is this about SUMMER cars? I'm supposed to buy your '91 metro because it's a "nice SUMMER car"?? So what do I do when the peace of crap leaves me stranded on the Mass Pike in January? I'd have to constantly be driving across the world to places where it's summer and even if there WAS a bridge between here and England and Argentina and whereever the crap else your Metro definitely would not take me, I couldn't do it 'cause I'm going to be in school.

Oh yeah so send me stuff about your cars.

Please respond ASAP. Or take your time. It doesn't really matter. I'm in no hurry.

Anyone who emails me to tell me I misspelled anything in this posting gets automatically...well there's nothing I can do to you but just know that I would think you are a dork.

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