Originally Posted: 2005-11-01 9:56am
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So, I've always really loved Halloween. I remember being very excited about going out to get candy when I was little and I enjoy seeing the small children dressed up in cute costumes. I'm a female in my twenties- it wasn't even that long ago! Sadly, last night, the trick-or-treaters that came to my home killed what little Halloween spirit I had left. I'd like to set up some ground rules for next year (and I direct this primarily at the older trick-or-treaters). Bring it on. I'll be waiting.

No "trick or treat" when I open the door? No candy. This is a very important part of trick or treating. It seems that the older the trick-or-treater, the slimmer the chance of being greeted with this. You see, the "trick or treat!" is just a polite way of saying, "Give me some freakin candy!" If getting dolled up in a costume at your age is still cool, then why don't you just go that extra yard and say it? I doubt it'll damage your rep any more than being 16 and standing on my doorstep in a "dead cowboy" costume.

No "thank you"? I'm reaching in your bag of treats and retrieving my candy, in addition to anything else I can grab.

No costume? Kiss my butt and get off my property or I will shoot you with a potato gun.

Dressed like a "gangster?" How stupid do you think I am? I KNOW you're in your street clothes. Shouldn't you be knocking over a candy store?

To the group of late-teenage(how old were you? 16, 17?) Paris Hilton wannabes that pounded violently on my door AND rang the doorbell simultaneously: Did you ever see the movie "Problem Child II?" There's a scene where the doorbell is rigged to "pleasantly surprise" whoever rings it. I won't electrocute you, of course, but I promise that you won't be able to touch your STD infested boyfriends for a month without giving them an electric shock.

Ask me if you can have more than one piece? No. BUT- you can have zero.

Over 13 years of age? No candy. How about some condoms so I don't have to hand out candy to your own children over the next couple of years? I thought so. Yes, you can take more than one.

:::Sigh::: ahhh. Feels good to get that off my chest. Damn you and your idiocy, all of you trick-or-treaters from last night. Now i'm feeling jaded and disillusioned. I hope the Christmas carolers are serving up something good this year.

Disclaimer: To all of the small children and those rare few that were polite and in keeping with the spirit of Halloween- You can come back next year. I promise you won't be harmed, taunted, or emotionally scarred in any way.

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