Originally Posted: 2003-04-09 12:15pm

favorite this post Please have chili in the cafeteria today

Oh Eurest dining services gods... why do you never have chili in the bldg 81 cafeteria anymore? Is it not bad enough that I have to work in this god-awful building, knowing that across the street, in building 80, coeds frolic and flirt? Is it not enough that I will probably give 30 years of my life to this blood sucking company, only to retire a hardened, bitter old man? Is it not enough that I have to put up with my egocentric boss rambling on day after day about his butch, hockey-playing daughter?

Please Eurest dining services gods, you have been given the contract to keep the poor tortured souls such as myself nourished enough to continue their mundane services to this conglomerate of a company; please have chili in the cafeteria today...

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