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favorite this post WHOA! A 14'' Television! [GONE!]

Hey, remember 1992? Boy, what a year that was! Bill Clinton was elected president, Nirvana's "Nevermind" was the #1 album, Sharon Stone flashed the world in "Basic Instinct," and the acquittal of four police officers sparked the LA riots.

But all of those events are just minor footnotes compared to this... for in the year of our lord 1,992 Sanyo manufactured this exquisite television.

Features include a staggering 14-inch CRT monitor and a "power" button for turning on and off. Beside the power button there are two (2) buttons labeled "volume" and two (2) labeled "channel." Everything is in perfect working order. Additionally, this set comes with a built-in exercise regimen: Since there is no remote control, viewers are forced to walk back & forth to change channels. Get a head-start on your summer swimsuit body!

This astonishing relic from the last decade of the 20th century can be yours TODAY!
It is currently sitting, cold and alone, on the front porch of 3841 Falls Road in Hampden. Why don't you swing by and rescue it?

UPDATE: Due to impending rain, I have brought the tv inside for the night. Inquire via email or come back when the sun returns.

UPDATE #2: Now that I've got the set back in my apartment I am stunned by her beauty and am almost considering keeping her. But no...I have to go through with this. Be strong, man. Be strong.

**UPDATE #3: And just like 1992, this television is now GONE FOREVER and LOST TO ALL. Except for the one lucky person who claimed it: your life is now changed forever. But with great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely. **

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