Originally Posted: 2006-01-11 10:14am

favorite this post unused 32 cent stamp for barter

I found a 32 cent stamp that is unused in my jacket pocket.

I don't mail anything anymore since I use online bill paying and have no use for it. Plus I'd have to get a 7 cent stamp to use it now anyway.

So what do you want to barter for this fine item?

Here's what I could use:
Tools - this has got to be worth a bunch of nails or screws, maybe even a hook or two.
Gift cards - got a quarter left on that card?? pass it on over.
Gas - own a gas station?? i'll put 32 cents of gas in my car.

Of course there is the issue of delivery. I have no problem mailing this fine item, but that will end up costing you 39 cents. a whopping 121% of the value of this item.

So it seems to make this worthwhile, you have to be:
1 - my neighbor, so there are no shipping costs
2 - right on myway to work (one street over and my gains will be lost on gas and time)
3 - an insane person who loves 32 cent stamps
4 - just some who thinks this is funny and will give them a good story to tell at the dinner table.

btw, did i mention the stamp is blue/white with a picture of a bird?

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