Originally Posted: 2005-09-02 9:59am

favorite this post To the waitress that I disgraced

Listen, you know who you are if you're reading this. I don't usually throw up on pool tables. Or in the corner where nobody's looking. Or on good people like yourself. My friend insisted I do one more tequila shot with him, which turned into 6 more. I had just eaten a plate of spaghetti, which I knew was a mistake at about the 4th shot. I'm pretty sure you're right about that stain not coming out of you shirt, but if you let me, I'd love to buy you a new one, and maybe dinner. I promise I won't throw it up on you this time. Oh and my friend didn't call you a horrid bitch. He said you look a lot like his sister, who he called a horrid bitch since she just wrecked his 87 Pulsar. He loved that car. As I'm sure you felt the same about your shirt. You understand no doubt.

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