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Careful observation has convinced me that a large majority of people on the planet are of very low intelligence, while a minority are somewhere between reasonably intelligent and brilliant. Unfortunately for the human race, the percentage of idiots seems to be climbing.

For example, I recently read a magazine article about this "debate" over whether the universe was intelligently designed or not, and some even suggest that religious myth should be taught alongside science. It included discussion about the notion that the earth is only 6,000 years old and that all life was created in 6 days, etc. All completely ludicrous of course, in view of all the factual evidence. Get me started on that and I could go all day.

What the problem boils down to is this: One of the most grievous mistakes made by people who flunked their science classes in high school is that they can't grasp that scientific theories in physics, biology, geology, astronomy, etc. are fact-based and rigorously tested. (Unlike certain imaginary religious hallucinations, including things appearing and disappearing by magic, walking dead, planetwide floods, miracles, etc.) A certain lunatic faction wants to throw out science in favor of .... well, exactly what would you call it .... I can't really figure it out! This would be like teaching voodoo instead of medicine or teaching astrology instead of astrophysics. How could something like this be allowed to happen? Simple. You find enough ignorant people and convince them of something (like bigfoot being kidnapped by UFOS) and some of them will believe it.

These people often make the comment that "Evolution is just a theory - not a fact". This is patently incorrect. If you understand the definition of scientific theory, you'll never be dumb enough to make that statement. If you do make that statement, my question to you is: Where were you when the rest of us were in class?

The religious view of the world once was that the earth was the center of the universe and everything revolved around it. Science eventually corrected this erroneous superstition, so now we can shoot things out into space and hit targets moving thousands of miles per hour over years of travel. Religion once held that illnesses were caused by evil spirits. Science corrected these mistakes and we understand about the true causes of disease. Thanks, scientific theory! Right? Well, maybe not. Depends on just how dumb you are.

Modern evolutionary theory is again and again proven and tested by biological discoveries including the human genome project and countless advanced discoveries in genetics, immunology, endocrinology, etc. But still, there are people who don't get it. Hello.....where do you think vaccines came from? Answer: evolutionary theory, which is the backbone of modern biology. The reason you and millions of other people don't have polio. Get it?

There is no question that evolution happens. As for the question of whether some implacable intelligence designed and built everything just the way it is? Impossible to say. There is zero evidence. But if it did happen, think more deeply. What kind of intelligence would create a parasite that makes your brain rot? Or a disorder which makes a child age and fall apart by the time it's 9 or so years old? How do you explain the fact that most pregnancies are spontaneously aborted in the early stages? There are a thousand examples of living organisms which cause horrible disease and untold suffering. You have to credit your intelligent designer for all that stuff too. Send him, or her, or it a thank you letter for multiple sclerosis while you're at it.

The leader of the free world and arbiter of "morality", George Bush, has for some reason decided he wants to have something to say about this non-issue. This is a person who apparently has two brain cells (and one of them is out somewhere looking for the other one), and is going to make the supremely asinine suggestion to place superstition before the fundamentals of modern science, and suggest that we teach the notion of "intelligent design" in classrooms. Spare me.

Please God. Tell me I'm dreaming. Apparently many of your children do not see your incredibly elegant and awe-inspiring design for life to evolve over billions of years; the indisputable process our scientists now understand as evolution. As long as we're talking, God, don't you feel disappointed in those who DON'T make an effort, through science, to use the gift of brain and faculties you allowed to evolve, to understand the true nature of the awe and beauty of your works? I personally thank you for the ability to understand. Some apparently missed it along the way. Let us pray the stupid shall not inherit the earth.

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