Originally Posted: 2005-03-28 11:51am
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favorite this post To The Nudist Who Keeps Calling About My Room

Look, If you are really looking for housing, then welcome to Austin and good luck. But if you are using the Craigslist housing ad space as a way to live out some alternate internet identity, then I think that there are better choices. First off, I am genuinely happy for you that you were blessed with such good looks. Double that for all your ex's that have gotten to appreciate how "well-endowed" you are. I think that it is great that you are "comfortable enough in your skin" that you find it unnecessary don skivies just to grab a sandwich out of the fridge. When I got the first call from you, I thought that maybe my friend Charlie had started drinking again, and that a six-pack and too much time on one's hands led to little gag's like this. And it wasn't even the thing about you wanting to know how I felt about you crusing in the buff that set me to thinking. Hell, I live on South Congress. No, it was the fourth time that you mentioned that you were a model and that you were well endowed, that I was like, "Charlie!" Then, every subsequent time me or my roomate would post, the phone would ring, and there you would be, not with any qustions about the layout of the house, the amount of deposit or bills, or any other relevent little question. Just right on into the whole "hot naked model with a really super cock" bit. Maybe I am way off here, but you seem to think that the size of your johnson is more important than the fact of it in my kitchen at all. You also seem to think that by repeating over and over again that you were a model is going to somehow make you seem like a good choice for a roommate. Not true. Anyway, if I wanted to hear about big dicks in their glory days I would just turn on FOX News. And my roommate is starting to get creeped out (seen too many horror flicks that start with a prank call gone awry). If you are in fact looking for a room, then good luck. But may I suggest that you place your own ad outlining your special needs and assets in the housing wanted section so that my roommate can stop sleeping with the scissors under her pillow. Thanks

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