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Originally Posted: 2014-06-06 14:51

Eye Candy Lawn Services

Eye Candy Lawn Services is here to assist all the lovely lonely mamas with any special lawn needs.

Why settle for boring white-bread lawn service when you can get a real piece of Eye Candy to take care of it for you?

We here at Eye Candy pride ourselves on not only our deep passion for modeling, but also our dedication to making your lawn or garden looking neat and handsome!

Services include:

The Don Lawn ($40/hr) - mowing

The Fran├žois ($55/hr) - mowing + brush removal/bamboo removal/etc.

The 'Anything-Goes' ($65/hr) - mowing + brush removal/bamboo removal/etc + hedge trimming + weeding + yard trimming packaging

Other flavors include (not pictured)

The King Kamehameha
The Scary Clown
and the Basic (no costume)

Don't miss your opportunity for quality lawn service done by quality ethnically ambiguous male models! Email with questions today!


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