Originally Posted: 2007-06-25 23:35 (no longer live)

Wanfu Date Farts - w4m

We were the girls sitting at the booth across from you at Wanfu about an hour ago. You were there alone with a girl, possible girlfriend? It sounded like she was breaking up with you or telling you she wasn't interested. We weren't prying -- she was a loud talker. Towards the end, you let out 3 bellowing farts. I thought it was the booth after the first one, but then you let loose the following 2. I'm sorry we laughed so hard after that, but I just could not believe what we heard. Very shortly after the.. noises.. you got up and left. I just hope I have the courage to let my bowels loose with an echoing noise of displeasure next time I hear something I don't appreciate.

by the way -- i think you might have been kinda cute, but i can't remember what exactly you looked like. i couldn't stop laughing long enough to look up when you left

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