Originally Posted: 2006-11-19 12:43pm
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favorite this post You might be creeped out. It's talk and type software - w4m (a table away from you) hide this posting unhide

I think I'm just far enough away that you can't hear me talking this to my computer. I use a software that types for me, and it is finally well enough calibrated that it gets most things right the the the the the. Except laughing, apparently.

Anyway, I think you are in a band and you are super cute. Hive seen you before at Longbranch and Beauty Bar. I can't tell if you are out of hearing range of me and thus oblivious to this live MC posting, or if I am just making you very uncomfortable and you are can I get you another latte trying to ignore me. I will leave in the conversation my computer picked up from the waitress in case that will help you recognize me.

You just slammed your old school apple laptop shut and grabbed your stuff and left, but I don't know if you were just done with whatever you were working on or if you have been hearing me all this time and either you finally just realized I was posting a missed connection about you or you finally just got too creeped out to stay any longer.

I hope you are not creeped out. I know it would have been less creepy if I had typed this instead of saying it all out loud while looking directly at you, but I just got this software a couple of weeks ago for multitasking and now I can't help but use it all the time. Want to get coffee some time?

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