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Now here's a winner that generated a lot of attention, but sat in my back yard for yet another week due to everybody who emailed me being a part of the shadow conspiracy designed to not come by the house and take the bike away.

It's really not that much of a piece of crap. In fact, at thirty dollars, it's the best bike on this site. You can't hardly get a seat post for thirty dollars on CL, cause they're all made out of magic and will turn your fixed gear into a weightless rocket sled that gives head and has cruise control.

But now you can. It's yours for exactly thirty dollars if you come get it THIS SATURDAY. Or any other day, really, but I'd like to emphasize Saturday cause I'll be around most of the day. You don't need to email me to ask where I live, if I still have it, or if you can come look at it some time next week cause you work all the time. Just start your car and email me your phone number so I can tell you how you can be the owner of the finest piece of crap for thirty bucks on Craigs list. Go look. It's also the ONLY bike for thirty bucks on CL. So that's your lucky number. Otherwise, good luck on the seatpost.

Besides, you'll save heaps of bus fare by riding this pile. It's an old Magna, which easily translates into "peice of crap" to most biker people with fancy socks, but to you, it's wheels.

The grip shifters work flawlessly, the brakes are good, the whole bike's pretty solid. The seat's looked better, the pedals are different, the back tire is from some other bike that a woman left in my yard one day after she got frustrated and abandoned it on her way home. From what I hear, she pushed it out of the moving car as she sped off away from the park down the street. But that's just the rear wheel in this scenario (Magnadrive). Not the whole Magna.

But damned if the whole bike doesn't kick ass. It even manages to look half decent. I might even take less than thirty dollars for it if you can make up a good enough story or convince me that you're poorer than I am. Good luck with that, though. I'd trade the thing for the right bag of groceries, honestly, cause that's where the money's going anyway.


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