Originally Posted: 2006-02-21 11:26am

favorite this post PLEASE take my Jesus Plates

I have a set of 6 "Faces of Jesus Collector's Plates" and I believe they are ruining my life. They were given to me by a very religious neighbor as a Christmas present. Ever since then, I've been having a stream of bad luck. Shortly there after, I broke off with my boyfriend, got a job transfer to a place I hate, had a bird poop on my head, AND I have remained celibant since the day I received those plates. That's right, ladies and gentlemen: I haven't gotten laid. I believe that by having these plates in my closet, and refusing to display them, I have created this ill luck for myself. Why don't I display them, you ask? That's because they creep me out. So, I figure the only way to clear up my karma is to give them away to someone who would proudly display them.

Please, serious inquiries only. We are talking about my life, ESPECIALLY my sex life. Please do not respond if you plan on damaging them or using them in manner in which they are not meant to be used. If so, you will get horrible karma. Jesus doesn't play around.

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