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Hi there. I've noticed something lately. There are a lot of women out there without jobs galavanting around in new cars wearing nice clothes and eating at expensive resturaunts. I work my butt off and I barely scrape by. This really got me to thinking, and I've made a decision. Yes, I am a lesbian, but I want a sugar daddy. So I'm making an offer.

First, a little bit about me:
I am a 24 year old Lesbian. I have great features, but I've kind of taken the boyish route as far as hair style and clothes go. I can show you high school pictures that prove I have knock out potential. I'm 5'8" and about 145. Blah, blah, blah...I'm cute. I have a great sense of humor. I work at a bar. I'm a singer/songwriter and I play guitar. I like sports, movies, and Thai food.

Here is what I can do for you:
I will clean your house. I will do your laundry. I will run your dishwasher (you must have a dishwasher). I will cook your dinner (or make dinner reservations). I will throw lavish parties for your friends and/or business partners. I will run errands, do the grocery shopping, take the dog to the vet, get the oil changed in the Beamer and the Escalade, and buy you new socks and underwear. I will answer the phone when it's someone you don't want to talk to and tell them that you are very busy and can't talk (when you are really just watching the Falcon's game in your leather recliner, kicked back with a bottle of Newcastle and some cashews). (With some help from my gay friends) I will revamp your wardrobe (and most likely your hair style and grooming habits) and make you irresistible to straight women. I will not sleep with you, but I will GET YOU LAID. A LOT.

In short, I will be a cross section of the most important people in any man's life. I'll be your best bud, your maid, your personal assistant, your gay friend, your lesbian friend, your confidant, your lackie, your "yes" man, and of course - your gay wife who doesn't sleep with you or fight with you and actually encourages you to bring home other women - hot women. And, if you're lucky, and I get really drunk, I might have amorous relations with one of those hot women you bring home and let you watch.

And all I ask in return is:
I get my own room in your very nice house and you buy me anything and everything I want.

If this is an offer you just can't refuse, drop me a line and we'll do lunch - on you.


this is in or around Midtown

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