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Your family is already disapointed in you

So you might as well pursue your dreams of being a career musician!

Get in at the ground floor as the BASS PLAYER of a fledgling rock band!

You can climb your way to the top, tour the country, sleep in the van, drive hours on end, eat taco bell 5 times in one week - All for that one over zealous fan who wants your autograph!
It's not too late! But this train is leaving the station soon, and you'll be left in the dust! ACT NOW!

We have proper recordings, chord charts, and a bass rig for you to play through.
Talent not included, but you've got plenty of that, right?

*No Purchase Necessary, void where prohibited. Equal Opportunity Position. All applicants must have their own bass, reliable transportation to practices, and a burning desire to make the best music the world has ever heard. Payment not guaranteed or offered.

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