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This small cabin on 10 acres has everything you need to survive, and not much else. Warm up by the wood stove, chop your own wood, haul your own water, enjoy the grandeur of the outhouse, and live like the Alaskans live -- gazing upon glaciers, aspen groves, and mountains.

The nearest place you can park your car is about 3 miles away, unless you are staying for the long term and want to buy a bridge pass (a few hundred dollars). So you will be hoofing it to the cabin. You will have to bring your own sheets and towels, because the nearest public laundry is a three hour drive away. You will have to haul your water from the spring two miles away, just like the locals do. You will have to chop your own wood if you don't want to freeze to death, and you will have to go to the bathroom on an outdoor throne. You will learn that it takes a full day to cook dry beans on a wood stove. You will get eaten alive by bugs, and chased by bears. If you want fire, you will make your fire. If you want water, you will haul water. If you want to become a fully fledged and capable human being, and are still reading, then you might be in the right place.

At your disposal, you will have the full wonder of Alaskan wilderness and 10 acres to run around naked playing the bagpipes. A small cooking area. A wood stove. A bed. A place to not get devoured. Bagpipes not provided.

But, essentially, you're on your own. Try not to die.

Neighborhood is just the kind of big word that mainlander folks like so much. You've got a couple neighbors, each about a half mile away. The town of McCarthy, which has goings ons in the summer, is about 2 miles away. Kennicott about 4 miles more, just keep on walking right past McCarthy.

Nothing is convenient. Everything is a hassle. You will have to hike or bike three miles to the cabin from where you park. There is a bike at the cabin that you can use to get to town or to haul water. If it needs fixing, you'll have to fix it. And if the bridge washes out, you're stuck (doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen on occasion). But the beauty is that time passes differently, and you might even come to enjoy nature's pace.

The nearest town is McCarthy, 2 miles, with a general store and saloon. Open only in summer. Kennicott, 4 more miles up the road, has a restaurant and such in summer. In winter, the nearest place is Chitina, 2-3 hours drive (60 miles on gravel), with very limited services (a small general store and gas station). The nearest town town is Glenallen, another hour past Chitina, and they have everything you'd need (a proper grocery store and motels, services, etc.) You can fly out on the weekly mail plane if you get desperate and the road isn't passable in winter, and that goes to Glenallen.

There is a ton to do in terms of activities in summer. You can do fun things on the glacier, lots of hiking/backpacking, outdoorsy stuff. Kennicott has an excellent National Park Service area, with the old copper mines and some excellent buildings that are totally worth the steep-for-the-location entry fees. You can bike or walk the 9 more miles down Nizina Road to the Copper River and check out the defunct bridge, drink some beers on the alluvial plain, if you like.

There is only a double bed in terms of bed, but you are welcome to bring additional people for tent camping at $6 per person (no tent provided). You can also have someone crash on the main level floor but, I promise, it is not comfortable. The couch is big enough for a little person. Very little.

Remote Alaska is beautiful, but it's not easy, and you are essentially on your own. I will provide whatever guidance I can, if you can reach me by phone, but this is not a bed and breakfast. This is real, Alaska life, so please be prepared. At the very least, bring sheets or a sleeping bag, water, and light.

I'd really prefer a monthly person but am open to short term stays as well. Rent is $375 per month during summer. Long term rates lower.

Contact me at the Craigslist email with any questions.
  • cats are OK - purrr
  • dogs are OK - wooof
  • Location: McCarthy, AK
  • it's ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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