Originally Posted: 2007-07-23 22:39 (no longer live)

For Adoption: Mouthy, sneaky, hungry, teenager - Cheap

Folks, I highly doubt the cute baby for adoption was real. If some idiot happened to think that posting a baby for adoption on CL was the right thing to do then I think maybe they already got the $75 they were asking from lucky bidder #1 who met them for the swap at Arborland.

However, I have in my home at this very moment one very obnoxious teenaged child. This child enjoys sleeping late, working hardly ever (calling in fake-sick to a part-time job), hanging out with lazy-ass friends, eating fast food, lying to me, borrowing my car and other extremely annoying traits and habits that allow me to reduce the rehoming fee to a low, low price of only $500. That's right, only $500 and the kid is yours.

Act now and I'll throw in a farting, beer drinking, football watching, nose-picking husband for free.

HURRY, there's only one set available like this!

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