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PDA couple, section 30 row 28 - m4wm

Ah, what can I say? Your obvious affection for each other was clear, even in the miserable weather during a miserable game. But a couple thoughts.

To the guy wearing the orange north face and a baseball cap - I understand, you really, REALLY like your girlfriend, but for fuck's sake, can you not lean over and kiss her every two seconds? Some of us are under six feet tall, and while I enjoyed watching the 20581 different ways you could smooch your girl, I would've enjoyed watching the game, however shitty, much more.

To the blonde girl wearing the blue - you might wanna watch out with your man. He could be a real clinger. And I don't know if you noticed the people in the row behind you noticing you, but I'm not sure if he's okay with your sticking your finger in his ass. Just sayin' - if that's how you roll, hey, no judgment, but he didn't seem overly excited when you jammed your digit(s) in his poop chute to the beat of "Hail to the Victors".

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