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favorite this post I lied. I don't want to see your cock.

A couple of months ago in a fit of boredom, I posted a message to women seeking men, describing myself as 26 and in Georgetown (partly true); Title: "I want to see your cock"; Text: "Just a picture of it. Or of you."

I'd heard numerous times about all the cock pix women have had to endure in the online personals world, but honestly...I was curious. I'm pretty cock-neutral, I thought. Pictures of cock neither bother nor particularly titillate me.

Well, after the responses I got, I realized that it's just not fun to look at. Cock is repulsive. I had my fill and then some, and I finally decided to look at the rest of the pictures just to complete this stupid experiment. I was so sick of cock I had to put this thing aside for a couple of months. Anyhow, here are the results:

72 responses (before I stopped counting)

42 cock pictures
2 pictures of another woman sucking it
1 rubbing cock against someone else’s butt (?)
2 picture with cock in hand wearing visible wedding ring
1 post-cum pic
1 shaved
1 cock-pic collage
2 grotesque close-ups
1 next to a can of Chili Cheese Pringles*
2 in an office, next to a keyboard**
1 with ring on
most sent by 1 person: 4 (not counting collage)
last picture sent 25 days after original posting

20 face pics
1 pic of nude body, cock not visible, with “interesting comments get nastier pics”
1 link to Yahoo! Profile (with face pic)
1 face pic, “The only way you will see my cock is in person, but here is a picture of me.”
1 face pic, “Shoot me an email and I will show you what you desire.”
1 pic of a drawing-compass (?)

6 no pic, with “why?”/“what’s in it for me?”
1 no pic, “what do you intend to do with it?”
1 no pic, “u r a dude”***
3 no pic, “what about seeing it and me face to face”
3 no pic, “why don’t you come take a picture of it”
1 no pic, “which one?” (?)
1 no pic, “picture wouldn’t go through, do you have another email?”
2 no pic, but described it for me. (Um, thanks.)

9 form letters
1 admitting to being married
3 describing sex acts
3 asking for my pic
2 “I liked what you said”
1 offer to “cum in cam” if I Yahoo!-chatted with him

1 respondent with “BobaFett” in his email address
1 with “Bubba”
19 used apparently real names
1 from a military email address

2 “oops, I forgot to send the picture the first time”
1 “big, ain’t it?”
4 requests for a picture of me/my pussy (after sending cock pic)
1 “why not? …do you have anything for me?”

0 roosters

1 joke: “Some women have said that I'm a dick! But here's a pic of me anyways! Do you have apic of you?”

SO...out of curiosity, I went to men seeking men, and to lower the stakes a little, I sent an equally simple message: "I want to see your chest."

Two responses. Jeez. Talk about disappointment.

*OK, honestly, wouldn’t you want to choose a more flattering item of comparison? (Not to mention that now I can no longer eat Pringles.)

**and seriously, where do you people work?

***well, yes. but it was in the name of science.

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