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Okay, I tried to sell this dresser for a paltry sum, and none of you wanted it. Well, many of you said you wanted it, you thought it was good looking and a great deal. You said "consider it sold if it is still available," and then you dropped off the face of the earth. You said "I really want the dresser and I'll have a moving truck on Friday and I'll call you to set up a time to pick it up," and then you dropped off the face of the earth. You said "I'll be there Saturday at 2:00 to pick it up," and then you not only dropped off the face of the earth, but you also ruined my Saturday afternoon by requiring me to plan around you and sit at home waiting for you. That was just plain rude of you.

Anyway, I soon learned that, unless I was planning to deliver the dresser to you myself, $15 was way too much to ask of you. Moving day came and I hadnít been able to unload the dresser, so I had to have my movers move it to my new house. My movers offered to just dump it on the side of road somewhere, but I didnít really think that was the right thing to do. I mean, Iím sure you wouldnít like it if the place my movers happened to dump it was right in front of your house. Or maybe you would, since then you would have a free dresser without the hassle of picking it up from my house. But, I digress. As I said, the dresser is at my new house, and lo and behold I still donít want it. So, I have slashed the price to $0. Yep, the dresser is free if youíll come and take it away. It is still in good condition, although at my new house it is living on my deck where it is exposed to the elements, so it is probably getting less and less nice with each passing day. My deck is covered, so the dresser hasnít been directly rained on, but Iím sure the dresser would be happier sitting inside your home than outside on my deck.

Interested? Iíve included below the pertinent information from my original posting which will tell you more about the dresser. Based on the numerous email inquiries I received in response to my original posting, Iíve also included a list of frequently asked questions, along with answers, so hopefully you wonít be left wondering anything at all about this FREE dresser.

4-drawer, metal dresser with mirror. Dimensions are 40Ē wide x 19Ē deep x 39Ē high (height without mirror). Mirror can be detached for transport. The dresser is old and has traveled far, but it is in decent condition. The top is covered with contact paper which could be removed.


Q: Is this dresser really metal?
A: Yes, I have no reason to toy with you. It really is metal. I know you think it looks like wood in the picture, and props to my digital camera I guess. But the dresser is not wood.

Q: What kind of metal?
A: Dark brown metal. Thatís all I know. Sorry.

Q: How many drawers does it have?
A: This ď4-drawer metal dresser with mirrorĒ has FOUR drawers.

Q: Is the mirror included?
A: Yes, this ď4-drawer metal dresser WITH MIRRORĒ includes the mirror. For $0, what a bargain!

Q: Why is the top a different color?
A: As I said, the top is covered with contact paper. I can only assume that when it was covered, contact paper in the shade of dark brown metal was not available, so a predominately light blue contact paper with a small floral design was chosen instead.

Q: Will this dresser fit in the back of my SUV?
A: Come on now, how am I supposed to answer that? I gave you the dimensions, but I donít know if you have a Suzuki Sidekick or a Lincoln Navigator. Youíll have to figure this one out. And in case you're thinking of asking me to deliver it, please don't. I cannot deliver it. If I could, I would have already deliverd it to charity and you would be missing out on this exciting opportunity to own a free 4-drawer metal dresser with mirror.

Q: Does the dresser have any scratches, dents, or imperfections?
A: Itís an old, free dresser on Craigís List, so what do you expect? The dresser is in decent condition, and some people who have seen it in person actually think it looks nice. Luckily for you, it is METAL, so it doesnít have the scratches you typically find in old, free wood furniture. The biggest imperfection probably is the contact paper, which is peeling along some edges and has started developing air bubbles since the dresser has been sitting outside on my deck. But you can remove the contact paper. You can recover the top in the contact paper design of your choice. Please note: no free contact paper is included with the dresser.

Q: Can I paint the dresser?
A: No need to ask my permission. If you take this dresser away, you can do anything you want to it, including painting it or recovering the top in contact paper.

Q: I really, really need this free dresser. Will you please hold it for me until I can come and pick it up?
A: I really, really would like to be my usual kind self and say yes, but Iíve been through this routine a few times with this posting, and obviously it didnít work out for me as I still have this dresser. However, for a fully refundable deposit of $30, yes, I will hold this free dresser for you until you can arrange to pick it up. I donít want your money, I wonít spend your money, Iíll give you all of your money back if you actually show up and take this dresser away. Or, if you donít have $30, Iíll hold something else of value to you Ė Iím flexible, so be creative and make me an offer and restore my faith in the goodness of CL'ers everywhere. But otherwise, Iím sorry Ė youíre in a race to my house with all of the other CLíers who recognize this exciting bargain.

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