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Dear Whomever, Wherever:

You lost a dog, I don't know how, or where, but I do know when: last November. Or, you gave him up, or maybe even you died -- I don't know which. All I do know is that he was somebody's -- a well behaved dog with perfect manners. I also know that he ended up in the county pound down south, where when his time ran out some kind-hearted people called a rescue group rather than see him put down. By this time, though, his weight was half what it should have been; he was allergic to his food. His long coat was matted and rough, and his body was wracked with hookworm and bacterial infections. His eyes were dull, his nose was hot, and at about 7 years old, I think his heart was broken.

He ended up in the Rescue Group's shelter, where I found him about a week later. I had dreamed of a dog the previous night, and (I know this sounds strange) my son and I went looking for him. The Rescue Group had done a good job on his coat, and he was fed and reasonably warm...but still, when I met him, his eyes and spirit were dull like someone who doesn't dare to hope. He rose on his back legs and put his paws on my waist, and looked, and looked. And I was smitten. In my heart he became my dog that day, although I didn't get to take him home until I'd done the application, had the home visit, and paid the adoption fee. I'd do all those things again for this dog, by the way -- and much more, if more were needed.

I picked him up on a day when a blizzard was due, and took him home. He got a new name, and a new life. Slowly he has come back to health -- he got the vet treatment he needed, and special hypoallergenic food, and daily coat brushings. All the infections are just a bad memory now. His weight has doubled; his coat is glossy and silky, and his eyes sparkle. I think we've filled the empty places in his broken heart. He runs like the wind, and dances at dinnertime.

So I just want you to know: He is safe, and warm, and loved. He will never be in need again. So I just wanted to say to you and to the rescuers: Thank you for my dog. I know many dog stories don't end happy, but I just wanted you to know: for this one, it did. He's home, he's safe, and he's loved...forever.

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