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Nigel is looking to score - I'm looking to adopt

My crested gecko Nigel needs the love of a good woman. It is preferable that said woman is also a gecko (not that he's closed minded, I just don't see how it would work any other way).

His life is a lonely one. Abandoned at a young age by his previous master, forced to wander alone in the wilderness before being rescued by me (actually I just carried him from his old house to my car in a small bowl. Not really a bowl I guess, it was more of a tupperware kind of thing. The kind of thing that you buy worms in when you're going fishing. Not fishing for carp though. They don't like worms). He now rules the 20 gallon tank behind my couch and defends it from all comers. Deceptively calm during the daytime on his little plastic tree, he goes out after dark to roam his kingdom. Nigel grows stronger by the day, feasting on crested gecko diet and the souls of small crickets while their cricket mothers weep, never to see them again (unless they look in his poop. Then they could see their back legs. He doesn't seem to digest those very well).

You might be thinking, "20 gallons? That's too big of a tank for most geckos to handle on their own. That would be better for a snake or bigger lizard." Well new craigslist friends, Nigel is not "most geckos." He handles that territory like Mr. T handled driving that van in The A-Team. Not the movie from a couple years ago, the real show. I pity the fool who thinks that movie was better than the show.

After all that, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want another gecko, and I can't put a male in with him because they'll fight to the death. Undoubtedly the death of your gecko because Nigel cannot be defeated.

If you have a female crested gecko that you would like to rehome, and aren't too annoyed with my overuse of parentheses, you can reach me by email.

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