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favorite this post Rave - Hotties wanting to go to Inaugural Ball are EASY

A week ago I posted a M4W looking for a date to take my extra black tie and boots ticket (I don't actually have any..in reality I am a DEM). Part of the stipulatation was that you had to be stunning and that we had to meet for a drink prior. Well...thinking that they had been selected as my date next week they always were insitant that they buy all the drinks...a fair deal considering I was basically giving them a thousand dollar ticket. Oh, I got over a hundred desperate responses before I removed the post.

So after half a dozen free drinks and some impromtu alcohol fueled, pre-ball excited, middle of the bar making out we head back to her place. I've banged three of these stupid Repub sorority poster-whores and gotten blow jobs from the other two (one was pretty damn amazing) on the nights I went out with them.

I have dates with 3 new girls I've been emailing spread out over the next few days and repeat dates with 3 of the original 5 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday where I am obviously expecting more fucking.

I've never had sex with so many differnet drop dead knockouts in a week period.

Too bad next Wednesday rolls around and I'll be sitting at a bar laughing it up with my fellow dems and these southern idiots will be standing in their ball attire waiting for a date that doesn't show!!

Ha...I am an ass! As of now they all think they are going. Enjoy the Ball ladies.

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