Originally Posted: 2005-01-12 4:55pm

favorite this post Rave: Cool Afternoon at the Adult Video Store

So I was in my local adult video store the other day. The clerk is a middle-aged, very tall, african american man. There are two other customers perusing the porn--all of us with different interests, so spread out around the store. The clerk has the music playing and all of a sudden this song be Cece Penniston comes, "Keep on Walking." You know that song. Pretty infectious, happy even. I feel myself bouncing to the music while I look at the "barely legal" titles. I sneak a peak at the guy in the inter-racial section and he's feeling it to. Even the guy looking at the gay porn is moving ever so slightly. I look back at the counter and the clerk is really getting into it. Everything is light and happy and hopeful and cool. So there we are: four perverts sharing a moment of true serendipity. Kind of like those old VW ads where the people in the car realize that everyone is moving to the same beat (including the windshield wipers), except this involved double penetration videos.

Oh well, thought I would share.

this is in or around nova

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