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Reading Craig’s List can be ever so droll
Were it not for the dorks who post poll after poll.
While some of the rants can be really bizarre,
Much amusement can be found, here on DC’s RnR.

There are singles, and couples, and those that are divorcing,
And one fucked up guy who is obsessed with outsourcing.
There are fat chicks who hate thin chicks because they’re so slender,
And people who hate fatties, regardless of gender.

The CL community includes Blacks, Latins, and Asians,
Not to mention of course, a preponderance of Caucasians.
There are well-written rants, and others with no basis,
Such as which is superior, among all the races.

There are Hill types and others who want to engage in political debate,
But others are just interested in whether to fuck by the third date.
Any sooner, and girls feel that they’ll be labeled a slut,
Especially if they agree, to take it in the butt.

Craig’s List includes numerous rants and raves
Because young women have sex with men twice their age.
Some women like it, some are nonplussed
But all older men approve – could it be lust?

Then there are men obsessed with the size of their wieners,
And rants from women about shitty dry cleaners.
There are posts from people who appear quite pragmatic
And others from those who are quite mellow dramatic.

All in all, CL is a great place to play
Especially if your employer is paying for your day.

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