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favorite this post Any Furries out there?

I just moved here from Phoenix, and now that all of my stuff is unpacked, I'm ready for some furry fun! A new job brought me to DC, but I don't know anyone in town, and I'm not sure where to find my fellow furries (do they call them "plushies" here?)

Maybe not all of you know what a furry is...since DC is a very open-minded and diverse place, I'll go ahead and tell you, maybe there's some fine furry out there who just doesn't know his kink yet! We're a group (some call us a subculture) of people who get off by dressing up in animal costumes, then we have crazy furry fun lovin' time! (Yes, my panda suit is crotchless, please make sure your suit is too!)

In costume, I'm a 5'6" slender pink panda. I had my suit custom-made...I'm sure you will not find another in DC like it!

Please tell me about yourself. I want to know what animal you like to dress as, and if you'll send a photo of yourself in costume, that would be great!!!

Are there any "furry nights" at the clubs in DC? There must be, it's a huge city!

Are there any parks or recreation areas around here with lots of trees? I'd really like to dress up and run around in the woods...that's something I never got to do in Phoenix. ;)

Serious replies only. This is not a joke.

this is in or around Rockville

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